About Compare Prices

About Compare PricesSM

Compare PricesSM is a leading Internet site that allows consumers to search a wide variety of products, services, and real estate (collectively “products”) and compare their prices, features, and shipping fees.  Compare PricesSM allows merchants to efficiently present their products to customers in exchange for a referral fee.  When a consumer finds the desired product, the consumer can then “click through” to the merchant’s site and purchase the product directly from the merchant’s own Internet web site.


Compare PricesSM is a privately held business.


What is the Compare PricesSM logo?

The Compare PricesSM logo symbolizes a shopper comparing products, finding low prices, and saving money.


Is Compare PricesSM a store?  Do I purchase products from Compare Prices?
No.  Compare Prices
SM is not a store or a merchant that sells products to consumers.  Compare PricesSM does not sell anything directly or indirectly to consumers.


What are the rules for using Compare PricesSM?

By visiting or using Compare PricesSM you agree to be bound by our User Agreement.


How do I search for a particular product?

Compare PricesSM provides consumers with multiple ways to search for products.


For a global search of all products, simply enter the product you are looking for in the search box near the top of the site and press the blue “Compare” button located to its right.  To narrow your search, select a category from the drop-down list next to the search box or use Advanced Search.


To refine your search further, you can select a specific category (like “Eyewear and Contacts”) and sub-category (like “Sunglasses”) from the list at the left side of the home page.  Or, you can select one of the featured categories tabs near the top of the screen (like “Music Players”). 


Within a sub-category, you can use the filters on the left side of the screen to refine your search further.  For example, for Music Players you can select a particular brand (like “Apple”) and feature (like “2GB”).  Also, you can select a price range and add your own keywords to narrow the search further.


The initial display of search results is based on merchant bids for presentment, followed by relevance.  You may re-organize these search results by product name, brand, author, artist, or price.


Once you find the product you are searching for, Compare PricesSM will display a list of merchants selling that product and a historical price graph of the product’s minimum, maximum, and average prices.


Also, each category and sub-category contains a list of the 10 most popular products selected by consumers in the last 90 days.  This list is not based on merchant bids for presentment.


How do I view and compare product features?

Each product listing contains a description of its features.  Select “See Features” to view a break-down of major features.


If two or more products you are interested in happen to be listed on the same search results page, simply mark their check boxes and select the blue “Compare” button for a side-by-side comparison.


Also, you can compare the features of two or more products side-by-side by selecting the “Add to Favorites” link located on the right of a product’s search result and below a product’s description.  Once two or more products from the same category have been added to the Favorites List, you can compare them side-by-side in the same way.


Does Compare PricesSM guarantee that the prices presented at the site are the lowest available or that products are available from a merchant?

No.  Compare PricesSM seeks to provide the most complete search experience possible.  However, merchants decide independently whether they want to register with Compare PricesSM and provide us with their product and price information.


Compare PricesSM seeks to provide to consumers the most complete and up-to-date information from registered merchants.  However, merchants may potentially update their product or price information without making that information available at Compare PricesSM in a timely manner.  In addition, it may take a certain period of time for that information to be updated at Compare PricesSM.  Also, merchants sometimes may not have certain products in stock.


Sometimes, a product’s price is different than the price listed at the merchant’s site or a product in one category seems like it should be in another.  Why does this happen?

Merchants provide information on their products and prices in large, bulk data feeds.  Occasionally, there are errors in those feeds.  Also, it sometimes takes a period of time for this information to be updated at the Compare PricesSM site.


You should rely on the price listed at the merchant’s own Internet site when making any purchase decision.  If you have any further questions you should contact the relevant merchant directly. 


If you wish to alert us to a problem, please use the Report Content function on a product’s page to alert us to a discrepancy.


How do I register as a Compare PricesSM member?  What are the benefits?

Go to our new member registration page and provide the required information.  Compare PricesSM members contribute to the Compare PricesSM community by posting product reviews and merchant ratings.  Members may also be eligible to receive certain other benefits from Compare PricesSM or its partners.


Do I need to be a member or give you personal information to use Compare PricesSM?

No.  You do not need to register as a member or provide Compare PricesSM with any personal information to search for a particular product at our site.  If, however, you wish to submit a product review or receive certain other benefits provided at the sole discretion of Compare PricesSM you must register as a member of Compare PricesSM.


What if I forgot my Compare PricesSM member password?

Go to our forgot password page for members and enter your User ID and email address.


What is your privacy policy?

Our privacy policy is incorporated into our User Agreement.


I need help with a product I purchased.  Can Compare PricesSM help me?
No.  Compare Prices
SM does not sell anything directly or indirectly to consumers.  If you need help with a product, you should contact the relevant merchant from whom you made the purchase or the product’s manufacturer.  Compare PricesSM does not possess or provide this kind of information.  Compare PricesSM is merely an Internet venue where third-party merchants present information to consumers.


How do I get a product manual or software or technical assistance for my product?
Compare Prices
SM does not provide any product manuals, software, or technical assistance for any product presented by third-party merchants at Compare PricesSM.  If you need such materials or assistance, you should contact the relevant merchant or manufacturer. 


How do I read or add ratings and reviews on Compare PricesSM? 

After registering as a Compare PricesSM user, select Write a Review below a product’s description to add a numerical rating or review for that product.  Click on the stars below Merchant Rating to rate a merchant.


Such information is posted at Compare PricesSM by independent users.  As such, these review and ratings may be informative for those users that choose to use them.  But Compare PricesSM does not warrant that such information is accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free.  Such information does not constitute a warranty of any level of performance by Compare PricesSM or any other third party.  You should not rely on such information in situations where its inaccuracy would cause you to suffer any loss.


Do merchants ship to international locations?
It depends on the particular merchant.  Please search for the product that interests you, click-through to the relevant merchant, and then examine their shipping policies.


How do I report a technical problem?
Please send an email to
members at Compare Prices, ATTN: Technical Problem and provide a brief description of the problem.  Also include the browser version and operating system on which this problem was experienced.